Horse Boarding

We are a full service boarding facility and licensed with the State of Maryland. We offer both field and full care stall boarding with rates and options to fit the needs and budgets of every owner.
Complete 24-hour full stall lay-ups are also available. Twice a day grain feeding and regular de-worming every twelve (12) weeks is included for all our boarders, both field and full stall care. All the horses at Gaitaway Stables receive a generous amount of turnout time, which makes for a happier, healthier horse. Mares and geldings have separate turnout fields.

All our fields are equipped with run-in shelters and quality, free-choice hay is available to them at all times.  Our fully trained staff lives on site, giving your horse 24-hour supervision.  The barns have a total of 19 stalls, all with rubber floor mats and fresh bedding, all kept meticulously clean. Stalls come in a variety of sizes and prices, ranging from 8x10 small pony size stalls to 12 x 16 warmblood size stalls.  Horses on full care boarding are kept in during the heat of 90+ degree days in summer and in at night on freezing or cold and rainy nights during the rest of the year.  Owners also have the option of keeping horses in their stall 1/2 day every day regardless of weather for an extra $40 a month. Your farrier or vet is welcome, or you can use ours!

Boarding Rates, Monthly

      • Field Board - $285
      • Full Care Stall Board - $335 - $410
      • Full Care Stall Lay-Up - $595