Horse Training

At Gaitaway Stables we train all our horses using only sound, natural horsemanship techniques. Our goal is to give you a willing and dependable partner who enjoys doing his job. All of our basic training is based on dressage principles to achieve a flexible and balanced horse. We customize your horse's training to YOUR goals and abilities. Training is available in English, Western, and Saddleseat styles.

All of our horses in training spend time doing trail work in addition to their lessons in the riding ring. Trail riding gives your horse confidence in different surroundings and prevents him from becoming bored and resistant in the ring. Trail work is also helpful in developing strong hindquarters and a sure-footed, attentive horse.

Do you need training for your gaited horse?  Look no further!  Nationally recognized trainer Trina Vogelsang is the owner of Gaitaway Stables, Llc.

Tennessee Walkers, Spotted Saddle horses and Racking horses are our specialties, but we also offer extensiveexperience with Mountain Horses, Peruvian Pasos, and Paso Finos.  Again, we use only sound horse methods to achieve that smooth ride for which gaited horses are so well known.


Whether you are looking to show your horse or you just need help getting your horse to perform his smooth gaits on trail, you've come to the right place.  We can start untrained horses, retrain those starting a new career, or help modify gait and undesirable behaviors.

Standard Training Rates

    • 6 sessions a week - $ 490 per month plus board
    • 4 sessions a week - $ 314 per month plus board
    • 2 sessions a week - $ 190 per month plus board