Riding Lessons

Lessons typically run one hour, and are private or semi-private, no group lessons.

They are available 7 days a week, in all weather conditions.

Lesson times start at 8:45am, the latest a lesson can be started is 2:45pm.

Horse owners looking to take lessons are welcome to do so on their own mounts by trailering in, or boarding with us short term. 

Lessons are $50 for private lessons here on our horse, or with your trailered-in horse; $45 in a semi-private lesson (2-3 people), or when purchased in 6 at a time.  $40 for boarding or training clients.  It is possible to get training, consultations or lessons at your barn, pricing for that is determined on a case-by-case basis to include travel time.  There is a No-show fee of $20 for failure to give 24 hours notice of appointment cancellation.  Exceptions are made for unforeseeable circumstances.

Gaitaway Stables specializes in riding gaited horses in a centered saddleseat position.  However, that is not to everyone's taste, and we do believe all riders should be well-rounded.  Our instructors are versed in English and Western riding, as well as saddleseat.  We use dressage principles to develop light, balanced riders with comfortable, soft mounts.  Lessons are held in our riding ring and on our network of trails, with each lesson tailored to the student's needs and interests.

Students catch, groom and tack their own mounts, and are taught to do any needed after ride care for them.  All students are trained to ride a trot (post), even if they have little interest in riding non-gaited horses, as part of learning body-control, and to make sure they understand and can control the movement of a horse in a trot. Most of the horses in our lesson program are trained to not jump, as jumping is not part of gaited horse showing and many of our clients have balance or back issues.  They are trained to negotiate a variety of obstacles, and students are taught to work with their mounts to get through such obstacles.

Gaitaway Stables believes your mount should be your friend and partner, and that the best and most enjoyable riding performance is achieved when the rider and horse have an empathetic, understanding relationship.  This means recognizing the horse's individuality and concerns, as well as focusing on getting the day's goals accomplished.  It's important for the rider to understand why a horse will be more jumpy on a windy day, why leading on trail causes many horses to slow down dramatically, and how to address a horse's nervous behavior in a positive manner. 




  • Semi-private Lesson for Boarder / Training Client on Own Horse - $ 35
  • Semi-private Lesson Our Horses - $ 45


  • Trailer-in Lesson - $ 50
  • Private Lesson Our Horse - $ 50